January 30, 2023

Welcome SNO-GO

January 30, 2023 – SNOW Partners is proud to announce the addition of SNO-GO to our family of companies with the acquisition of controlling interest in the ski bike manufacturer. 

Founded in 2016 by Obed Marrder and Chase Wagstaff, SNO-GO has emerged as the premier ski bike manufacturer with their patented resort friendly bike design and advanced S.L.A.T. technology.  SNO-GO has introduced thousands of customers to a new way to experience the slopes.  SNO-GOs are currently accepted at more than 200 resorts, and available for rent at 35 locations including 21 exclusive SNO-GO Ride Center resorts across the United States and Canada. 

“Over the past few years of working together, the team at SNO-GO has impressed me with their drive and vision for cultivating a new resort culture around ski bikes.”  says Joe Hession, CEO of SNOW Partners.  “I wholeheartedly believe that SNO-GO has an unrivaled product, a growing and passionate community of riders, and with the right support and capital they are poised for exponential growth.  If anyone doubts that, I challenge you to get out and ride one.”

“SNOW Partners’ ability to identify opportunities and take bold action has set them apart as leaders in innovation for the industry. We are excited to see where our deeper partnership will take us next.  With this acquisition, SNO-GO can now tap into the resources of SNOW Partners’ expanding family of companies and their team’s expertise which will allow us to accelerate our mission of providing an alternative door to winter adventure anyone can access.”  says Obed Marrder, Co-Founder of SNO-GO.

SNO-GO’s patented S.L.A.T.™ system allows a person to turn, stop, and carve all by leaning on the bike’s handlebars. Arguably one of the best aspects of SNO-GO is how most people pick it up within a few runs and are riding the chairlift for the rest of the day. SNO-GO’s proprietary Chairlift Hook™ is secure and compliant, creating an efficient process for loading and unloading bikes on all chairlifts. All of these advancements led SNO-GO to become the first and only ski bike to be endorsed by PSIA-AASI.

“With this partnership, SNO-GO now has the opportunity to grow like never before and attract an even larger audience to the snowsports industry for the years to come.  We couldn’t be more excited to become part of the SNOW Partners family and we look forward to what lies ahead for SNO-GO.”  says Chase Wagstaff, SNO-GO Co-Founder.

SNO-GO will remain in Bluffdale, Utah, and Obed and Chase will continue to lead the company they founded, building the world’s most technologically advanced ski bikes right here in the USA. 

SNO-GO will be offering on-snow demos at the upcoming NSAA Eastern Winter Conference in Killington, Vermont.  To experience SNO-GO for yourself, please contact Shaun Cattanach at [email protected] to schedule a demo at the show. 

About SNO-GO

SNO-GO was founded by Obed Marrder and Chase Wagstaff in 2016.  SNO-GO aims to make snow sports more accessible to everyone. In Utah, Obed and Chase grew up surrounded by world-class ski resorts. But they never really caught on to the mainstream sports of skiing or snowboarding. Frustrated with the inability to have control with other ski bikes, they developed the S.L.A.T. system. This revolutionary technology aims to give riders total control of their ski experience, enabling new participants access to the entire mountain on their first day. Collected data shows greater than 75% of new users can advance from no experience to an intermediate level within one day. These results created the opportunity for SNO-GO to become the only ski bike ever to be endorsed by PSIA-AASI. SNO-GO’s mission to reach new users and grow snow sports participation is realized through its ever-expanding Ride Center program offering rentals and guided experiences at resorts across North America. For more information on SNO-GO visit

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